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The Only Solution for Live and Targeted Computer Data Collection

A powerful forensic imaging software solution to perform triage, live data acquisition and targeted data collection for Windows and Mac computers.


Simplify Data Collection for Windows & Mac Computers

As the only forensic solution on the market today that does live and dead box imaging for Windows and Mac, Digital Collector is a must-have tool in the digital forensic toolbox.
Digital Collector is designed for investigators to do quick triage and analysis, on-scene or in the lab, with the reliability they’ve come to trust from Cellebrite.

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Triage Devices

  • Determine if relevant data exists prior to imaging
  • Search for data on devices with advanced search features
  • See file previews of images and MS Office files on Windows computers and all file types supported by Mac computers
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Collect Targeted Data

  • Selectively acquire email, chat, address book, and other data on a per-user, per-volume basis
  • Create decrypted physical images of M1 and T2 Macs
  • Authenticate collected data using any or all MD5, SHA-1, or SHA-256 hash functions
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Collect from Live Systems

  • Capture RAM, volatile memory, and targeted collections live on M1 Macs running Monterey
  • Capture important live data such as Internet, chat, and multimedia files in real time
  • Save live collections to a forensically-sound destination device
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Create Forensic Images

  • Support for imaging APFS Fusion drives
  • Decrypt FileVault 2 volumes if the password, Keychain file, or recovery key is provided, and then mount the volume as read-only to allow triage, collection of specific files, or imaging
  • Write-protect source devices while maintaining read-write access on destination devices

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