In 2018, we were deluged with requests from digital investigators asking Cellebrite to support a variety of new and recently updated apps. The appeals covered hundreds of different apps and their many versions.

We put great emphasis on supporting the most requested applications and those that have proven to be most important to investigators gathering evidence from platforms such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram Messenger, Instagram, WeChat, and Gmail.

Watch how Virtual Analyzer can help solve your cases faster in the following Ask the Expert video.

Instead of trying to develop innovations for each specific application, we focused on creating a unique solution that could support all these apps and versions. This is how the Virtual Analyzer was created.

“Making digital evidence easy to understand using native app visuals is critical to effectively communicating with prosecutors, judges, and juries”  – Keren Carmeli, Senior Product Manager for Cellebrite Physical Analyzer

Virtual Analyzer is an add-on that extends Cellebrite Physical Analyzer’s powerful capabilities. It allows you to analyze digital artifacts from any of the 2.5-million-plus Android applications without decoding so you can validate and view content in its original format.

The three main benefits of the Virtual Analyzer tool are:

  1. Visibility – View the application data in its native form.

  2. Reporting – Use the data to create powerful visual reports, which can be used to effectively interrogate suspects, share findings with peers, and present to juries.

  3. Validation – Use the Virtual Analyzer as your secondary validation tool.

Learn more about how the Virtual Analyzer’s Android Emulator helps to interrogate, collaborate, and present digital evidence, here.

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