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prison phone contraband

4 Best Practices For Curbing the Contraband Phone Crisis In Corrections Facilities

Contraband cell phones are the driving force behind violent crimes being perpetrated against correctional employees, other inmates, and those in outside communities. And they are the primary means by which criminals inside corrections facilities continue to conduct illegal drug trafficking and other criminal activities inside and outside of prison walls.

Corrections facility managers need to take bold steps to leverage technology that takes advantage of data collected from contraband phones to:

  • Prevent harm to facilities’ staff and other inmates by identifying threats and disrupting activities being conducted by inmates inside prison walls and in the outside communities from which they came.
  • Pull together data into a manageable solution that breaks down silos and integrates information from existing systems across facilities and divisions to expedite the dismantling of criminal networks.
  • Partner with local law enforcement agencies to share intelligence and stop crimes that could potentially affect millions of residents.

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