Cellebrite’s latest innovative screen capture capability presents forensically sound evidence in a clear and easy to view manner.

Our commitment to the law enforcement community around the world is to drive the digital forensics industry with new and unique capabilities that make your day to day processes easier, and more efficient.

Listening to the needs of our valued customers, we created this new capability within the Cellebrite Physical Analyzer and Cellebrite Reader, that can simplify the way data is presented, shared and used with just three simple steps.

Understanding the complexity of the forensic process we have developed another way to document and preserve forensically sound data from digital devices to give you a smoother work process and faster case resolution. We are proud to be the first to deliver this innovation to the Law Enforcement community for interrogation, case review, and jury submission.

Introducing, the Screen Capture and Video Recording capability. Let us share with you how this can positively impact your forensic process.

John is a forensic examiner, and currently working on a mobile device belonging to a murder suspect. All the digital evidence has been extracted using Cellebrite UFED Ultimate. However, he has found an interesting chat conversation in WhatsApp and several key locations which have appeared in the Map View.

He needs to build the forensic report and share the information with the lead investigator who will be presenting the evidence in court. On top of the detailed forensic report, which is full of critical evidence, enough to charge the suspect, there is a lot of information which may take some time to go through.

Since time is not on John’s side due to the nature of the crime, John chooses to record the steps he takes, documenting his every step, in order to provide screenshots of the evidence using the new Screen capture and video recording capability in Cellebrite Physical Analyzer, and Cellebrite Reader.

By no means does this replace the current reporting format, on the contrary, it allows jurors, judges prosecutors to visually dive into the evidence and the process in the simplest, fastest and most easy to understand manner.

John knew that the defense lawyer was a ‘big shot’ and was going to challenge his forensic process, so he wanted to visually record his steps to avoid any doubt in the digital forensics process.

Word from the courthouse, the suspect was convicted of murder based on the data John recovered from the suspect’s device, along with the video recording from Cellebrite Physical Analyzer, using the video recording to capture the forensic process and of course coupled with the great investigative efforts by the law enforcement team involved on the case. These innovations highlight our commitment to delivering a powerful Digital Intelligence platform for a safer world.

You too, like John the examiner, can provide evidence in a compelling and simple manner. Just follow these 3 easy steps and check out this quick ‘How to’ video.


Step 1:

Using the screen capture control, select either screenshot/video then press the red button.

Step 2:

Mark the area and take a screen capture (or a live video recording).
In the preview window below, you can select a name, category and add notes.

Each visual created has Metadata including creation time.

Step 3:

Navigate to the report wizard and select the visuals you wish to include in your report. The Cellebrite Reader can present these valuable visuals that you can also share with additional personnel.

Simple, easy and intuitive, right? Or how about simple, easy, intuitive and visual?

Cellebrite understands the importance of visually presenting the data, just like John the examiner, many of you need to do this on a regular basis.

As industry leaders, we have found another way to visually overcome the obstacles of finding critical evidence in the darkness of unknown applications. Coming soon to Cellebrite Physical Analyzer is the first forensic Android emulator, that enables dynamic analysis of evidence from the image. It’s name, the Virtual Analyzer.

This capability enables you to recover much more evidence from Android devices, and present using the report format (Screenshot or video), virtually any Android application exactly as it appears on the mobile device. Stay tuned.

For more information on the Screen Capture capability and other great features in Cellebrite Physical Analyzer 7.9, click here to check out the release notes. 

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