In this episode, we take a deeper dive into the details of the Capture the Flag event that we introduced in the last episode. Please refer to the important links and registration details covered in the blog “The ALL NEW Cellebrite Capture the Flag (CTF).”

Keep in mind while playing the game that:

  • Processing can take some time
  • You should use multiple methods and tools
  • Cellebrite Inspector is best for the PC image

Hints, formats, and details to consider:

  • Read the questions carefully paying close attention to which suspect and device are being referred to.
  • The answer format is – YYYY-MM-DD and HH:MM:SS
  • Hints – the first one is free but the second will cost you.
  • Full File System extractions of phones are included
  • Cellebrite Inspector may show logs
  • Watch the Tip Tuesday series by Heather on how to parse data within Cellebrite Physical Analyzer

Enjoy the event and stay tuned for the announcement of the winner.

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