Cellebrite’s Partnership With Berla Expands Your Analysis Environment

In today’s investigations, it’s common to have multiple digital devices associated with one case. As such, consolidating acquired devices is critical when reconstructing a sequence of events for a case. Whenever a mobile device is connected to a vehicle system via USB, Bluetooth, or Wi-Fi, some data from that device is stored in the vehicle.

Potentially, device contacts, call logs, and SMS messages are stored and can thus be acquired in iVe, though the exact data types recorded will vary from one vehicle to another. As infotainment and telematics systems become increasingly prevalent, eventually just about every crime that necessitates digital analysis revolves around data stored on not only mobile devices but on vehicles as well.

The first step is to export information from iVe to the Cellebrite format.

The .ivx database created from the export can then be imported into Cellebrite Inspector.

All of the data exported from iVe is stored in the .ivx database and can be viewed from the “Browser” view in Cellebrite Inspector.

All of the tables stored in the database can be seen on the left side.

These tables show the possible types of data, but the exact data types recorded will vary from one vehicle to another.

To assist with the analysis and correlation of data between multiple devices, information is also parsed into other areas of Cellebrite Inspector.

The Actionable Intel tab shows several items of interest to an investigation.  Device Connections reveals the devices that were connected to the vehicle system.

In Account Usage, Top Contacts are revealed.

The synergy is viewing the information alongside the paired mobile devices supported by Cellebrite Inspector.

Information parsed in Location Data can provide critical location data as well as a timeline of events.  In the sample below, you can see events such as when the driver door was opened and closed, gear shift events, and track points all showing the location of the vehicle.

Information parsed in the Communication tab includes Calls, SMS, and Contacts.

The beauty in Cellebrite’s partnership with Berla is that you are able to analyze the data extracted from the vehicle with iVe in Cellebrite Inspector right beside the other digital devices in the case to provide- one analysis environment with all devices in the case.

Learn more about Cellebrite Inspector here.

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