Cellebrite Premium | Access iOS and Android Devices
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Premium, now as a Service

Cellebrite’s Premium as a Service offers improved benefits for lab technicians and examiners by lawfully unlocking, decrypting, and extracting digital data from the widest range of iOS and Android devices.

  • Core

    35 Unlocks

    Unlimited Extractions
    Online Training

    Single Endpoint

  • Pro

    140 Unlocks

    Unlimited Extractions
    Online Training

    Up to 3 End Points

  • Unlimited

    Unlimited Unlocks

    Unlimited Extractions
    Online Training

    Up to 3 End Points

Premium as a Service Deployment Scenario

1. User connects the mobile device to the Cellebrite Advanced Access Adapter
2. System identifies the device
3. System sends a request to Cellebrite Cloud
4. System downloads resource
5. System transfers resource
6. System interrogates mobile device and acquires digital data

A Premium SAAS Deployment Scenario

Key Benefits

Cellebrite Premium as a Service delivers an innovative solution for eliminating the resource and technology constraints associated with lawful access to mobile device data. The technology to unlock and decrypt many of the most popular iOS and Android devices, along with professional training in digital forensics, is available in convenient packages for use in the field, at the precinct, and in labs.

  • Payments

    Select from a range of pricing packages

  • cloud-service-providers-2

    Enjoy the benefits of cloud architecture: reducing the complexities of hardware maintenance, security management,
    and software updates

  • Administration

    Seamlessly connect and manage your installed UFEDs and add new endpoints

  • Device_Selection

    Easy access to the widest variety of iOS and Android devices

  • unlock_device_mobile

    Take advantage of Supersonic Bruteforce to unlock mobile devices quicker

  • data-extraction-3

    Perform full file system extractions

  • device-encryption

    Access highly protected areas, deleted data, and application artifacts

  • digital-world

    You can trust industry-leading, field-proven Cellebrite technology, which is deployed by thousands of agencies

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