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Cellebrite SQLite Wizard & New Virtual Analyzer

Ask the Expert - UFED Physical Analyzer
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This webinar by Buddy Tidwell and Mati Goldberg will showcase the UFED Physical Analyzer’s SQLite Wizard and the new  Virtual Analyzer. These innovative solutions will enable you to extract logical and physical data from thousands of previously unsupported applications—including an unlimited number of Android apps.
Buddy and Mati will show you how to:
  • Obtain digital evidence from the constantly-growing library of Android and iOS applications
  • Expose, capture, and validate iOS and Android application data not yet supported via traditional decoding methods
  • Access mobile application data in its native format for clear, compelling reports
  • Eliminate the need for a second forensic tool to validate mobile application data

Buddy is serving as the Vice President of Global Training for  Cellebrite. Formerly a career Police Detective and master Forensic  Instructor, Buddy served as a Forensic Lab Manager and Senior Computer  Forensic Examiner at the Joint Computer Forensics Lab for Law  Enforcement in Middle Tennessee recovering data from computers, mobile  devices, and other electronic mediums. Buddy also served as an  investigator and is a recognized expert witness in the field of digital  forensics in Federal and State courts.

Mati is head of Cellebrite’s Forensic Research Group, leading  decoding and cloud research efforts. Prior to joining Cellebrite in  2016, Mati was a research and development group leader who oversaw  engineering teams responsible for designing and building cutting-edge  communication systems. Mati holds advanced degrees in Physics and  Engineering and specializes in cybersecurity and reverse engineering.


  • Buddy Tidwell Vice President of Global Training for Cellebrite
  • Mati Goldberg Head of Cellebrite’s Forensic Research Group