Cellebrite swept the board by winning all the categories for which the company was nominated at the prestigious 2022 Forensics 4:cast awards at the 15th Annual SANS DFIR Summit & Training in Austin, TX, held on August 17th, 2022.

Cellebrite won every major award, including the Investigator of the Year for the third year in a row. The awards are especially significant since they are voted on by industry peers and digital forensics analysts and investigators.

Winning the highly-sought awards provides confirmation of the quality of Cellebrite’s Digital Intelligence (DI) solutions for the public and private sectors in the innovative field of digital forensics, and follows Cellebrite’s success in the awards in previous years. This is the 13th consecutive year that Cellebrite has competed in the awards which began 15 years ago.

The awards are important in enabling Cellebrite to showcase its dedication to helping to make the world a safer place and in recognition of the contribution that Cellebrite products and experts provide. Through the combined effort of all teams at Cellebrite, the potential of digital intelligence to find actionable insights that accelerate justice, provide a force multiplier, and resolve more investigations faster is maximized.

Forensic and incident response professionals from around the world take part in the SANS DFIR Summit to discover how to overcome obstacles, learn about the latest open-source forensic tools, share methods and strategies that have proven effective in their investigations, and learn from the top DFIR practitioners in the industry.

This year, the addition of talks focused on threat hunting and expanded the scope of material to include proactively searching your environment for attackers that have escaped detection so far.

Heather Mahalik, Cellebrite’s Senior Director of Digital Intelligence, and Ian Whiffin, Senior Digital Intelligence Expert, won a combined three awards – recognition of their active contribution to the DFIR community where they constantly strive to bring technology and people together.

Cellebrite won the following awards:

  • DFIR Commercial Tool of the Year: Cellebrite

A first for Cellebrite, and a reward for the hard work to serve the DFIR community. We listened to feedback and produced a suite of tools and solutions that can be counted on. Our goal is to provide the community with a trusted solution to speed up and help validate data pertaining to investigations.

  • Digital Forensic Investigator of the Year: Ian Whiffin, Cellebrite

Ian Whiffin produced exceptional work for the DFIR community in 2021. Ian is a brilliant mind who joined Cellebrite and hit the ground running. Ian takes the time to answer all questions, no matter who is asking them. He researches and validates anything that is asked and is always willing to lend a helping hand no matter the time of day. Working alongside Ian has made us all smarter and happier. Cellebrite is a stronger company because of investigators like Ian!

  • DFIR Team of the Year

Cellebrite is not just a corporation, and DFIR is not just a community, we are a team. Together, we promote the concept of “trust but verify” through our videos, blogs, webinars, and more. We are a team of experts who are united, collaborative, and supportive of each other, and we bring our ideas to life to support our customers.

  • DFIR Degree Program or Training Class of the Year: Cellebrite

Cellebrite Training is home to dozens of guided training courses and multiple certifications which can help agencies and individuals achieve their educational and professional goals in the digital intelligence field.

Certifications are available for mobile and computer forensics, evidence repair, and recovery. The curriculum is designed to prepare analysts, law enforcement, and enterprise customers to tackle investigations and technology effectively.

  • DFIR Social Media Contributor of the Year: Heather Mahalik, Cellebrite

Heather Mahalik is a digital forensics professional who is passionate about her work and loves to help others and inform the community of the latest and greatest advances.

She is constantly tweeting, posting, and sharing tips, tricks, and hints with the DFIR community. Social media is her and Cellebrite’s way of communicating, educating, debating, and interacting with our customers and the industry.

  • DFIR Blog of the Year, Cellebrite’s Ask the Expert

Cellebrite’s Ask the Expert blog series is constantly researching new topics to cover, diving deep into artifacts, and revealing methods to help customers collect the most data from investigations. Our research is never-ending, and this blog series provides a platform for us to share our findings and insights.

  • DFIR Show of the Year: I Beg to DFIR, Cellebrite

During the pandemic, I Beg to DFIR was introduced as an ongoing webinar. This show runs monthly and focuses on new research, customer questions, and Q&A with our R&D team. Heather Mahalik, Paul Lorentz, Ronen Engler, and Matt Goeckel produce this outstanding content.

  • DFIR Article of the Year: Six Steps to Mobile Validation: Heather Mahalik, Cellebrite

Heather Mahalik worked with Scott Koenig, a state law enforcement officer in Las Vegas, NV, and 13 co-authors to craft an article and webinar for DFIR experts with the tools they need for handling, documenting, preserving, and validating evidence from mobile devices which is critical to successful investigations.

  • DFIR Catch the Flag (CTF) of the Year: Ronen Engler, Cellebrite

The first Cellebrite CTF was a huge hit in 2020 and again in 2021, so we created another CTF contest in 2022 and enjoyed watching you dive into the data and solve questions in the most unique ways.

The week of the CTF brought so much excitement to Cellebrite. We’re proud of the work that Cellebrite Digital Intelligence Specialist Ronen Engler put into making the campaign a success.

Yossi Carmil, Chief Executive Officer of Cellebrite, stated:

“Winning these awards is validation from the digital forensics’ community that our portfolio of solutions and staff are world-class. We would like to thank the SANS Institute and Forensic Focus for producing a show that recognizes the best in the industry. We will continue to provide the community with technological innovation that accelerates digital investigations.”

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