Selective File System enables you to select key artifacts that you are authorized to collect from the device. Although a full file system extraction is usually recommended, as it provides the most information, selective file system extraction is useful when there is a time shortage. 

In order to do a full file system extraction, first, you need to connect the device to UFED and choose “Advanced Logical Full File System”. After the device is recognized and the data collection is in progress, there is a new built-in option “Selective File System”.  

Every time you update UFED, it is important to update the file which says “No Category Database Was Found” by loading it in the settings. This enables you to locate and choose different chat categories. If you did not update the file and you are already in the midst of your data collection, you can simply start searching individually or by selecting multiple items/applications.

Once you click “Extract”, it will start to go through and collect all the metadata of the specified applications. This feature is very similar to what is already available for Android, but it now also supports iOS.

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