In case you missed the release notes a little while back, you should get up-to-speed on the fact that the new Smart ADB method we developed at Cellebrite supports hundreds, if not thousands, of Android devices from different vendors, currently excluding Samsung devices. 
So what exactly is Smart ADB? It is a forensically sound decrypted physical extraction method for unlocked and encrypted Android devices running OS version 6.0 – 8.0. It is important to note that we are the only vendor, to date, to have introduced and independently developed this ground-breaking method to give our worldwide customers a much-needed edge. 

Here’s how it works:

To use Smart ADB, you need to have your Cable 500 ready and flashed with new firmware to support this method – this will happen automatically during your first Smart ADB extraction.
A Smart ADB run requires several parameters (“settings”) which are predetermined and configured into the device profile during R&D testing. If Smart ADB appears under your device profile, then it was tested and confirmed to work on this device with known settings.
Smart ADB is additionally available as a generic option under Smart Phones / PDAs Android → Physical Extraction → Smart ADB (Recommended), which is strongly recommended and safe to try. A generic run will include several attempts of different settings and may require rebooting the device between attempts.
Testing Cellebrite UFED 7.8 in our labs has shown ~80% success rate among eligible Android devices. However, Smart ADB is being constantly developed to support many more devices, and future Cellebrite UFED updates should continue to introduce wider support.
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