Special guest: Alexis Brignoni, Special Agent at the FBI

In this episode, Alexis covers the basics of downloading code files from a Github repository, installing them, and then actually using them.

Alexis works in digital forensics for federal law enforcement. Together with Yogesh Khatri he co-authored iLEAP, for iOS devices, and ALEAP, for Android devices, which are python scripts that are used to parse mobile device data extractions.

Yogesh Khatri’s forensic blog: https://www.swiftforensics.com/ and twitter handle: https://twitter.com/swiftforensics

Starting with the premise that you have an extraction from an Android or iOS device, you are equipped with your digital forensic tools and you would like to perform a validation of the data. Perhaps you also have an idea of what you are looking for and want to identify where it is present. This is where iLEAP and ALEAP come in to solve the challenge. They are open source and you can run your extractions through them.

Navigate to this link: https://github.com/abrignoni and follow along with the video.

Figure. 1 Alexis Abrighnoni’s Projects in Github – To collaborate or download code files

Figure.2 Code file list of iLEAP

Figure.3 README section explains the project and features

Listen to the video to learn how to leverage iLEAP and ALEAP in your investigations.

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