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Case Study

How Cellebrite Pathfinder Helped Lead Gulf Coast Technology Center From A Vehicle Theft To A Double Homicide

What started out as a car-theft ring morphed into a vehicle-theft ring and a firearms theft ring. The firearms-theft ring then turned into a firearms-distribution ring on the street where the guns were being sold. The guns then lead to two active cases of homicide.

Gulf Coast Technology Center (GCTC) and James H. Barber (police chief for the City of Mobile, AL at the time) used a full suite of Cellebrite tools to collaborate between multiple agencies and uncover the whole story of the investigation.

Key Challenges:

  • Relate suspects involved in vehicle theft in one county to individuals perpetrating similar crimes in a neighboring county.
  • Relate the vehicle thieves to those involved in a larger vehicle theft ring.
  • Relate those in the vehicle theft ring to those suspects in a related firearms distribution ring.
  • Relate those involved in the firearms distribution ring to two open homicide cases.

Digital Intelligence Solutions Deployed:

  • Cellebrite Pathfinder
  • Cellebrite Premium