Special guest: Ryan Benson – Security Engineer at Google

Twitter: https://twitter.com/_RyanBenson

In this episode, Ryan explains what Unfurl can do using different use cases He’ll also share his tips and tricks on how to leverage this free tool in your investigations.

Ryan built Unfurl to help collect and visualize data from URLs. Similar existing tools scan numeric domains, crawl pages, find sub-pages, and more.

Unfurl isn’t any of those things in that it is a “passive” tool, meaning that it doesn’t reach out across the Internet. It only looks at the data in the string that makes up the URL. Simply type the URL into the search bar and it will show you a little graph of how it organizes the data.

For investigations, you can download the Unfurl code to run it locally on your servers.

Watch the video to hear use cases and gain additional skills to investigate digital data in the form of URLs.

Check out some more Unfurl examples here:

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