Hi everyone, this week, I’m going to talk about Guardian and I want to walk you through how to submit data or any case-related items to your lab through the Guardian investigative portal.

This is web-based and you can do a new lab submission or view existing submissions. If it’s something that already exists, just simply go to view existing submissions.

I’m going to click on new lab submissions and fill in the case number and then select a case type. If you see that your case type is not listed here, then choose Other and reach out to your administrator or the agency managing Guardian and ask them to add your specific case.

I’m going to choose robbery, an offense date, and then the level of seriousness of the offense. I’m going to say that this is a felony and press next. It tells me my title and my email address, and it requests a phone number. So, fill out your phone number and then again, press next.

Now from here, you can choose to upload your search warrant, your consent, anything you have, such as photos, and anything else that’s relevant. Choose your file and then click the upload and press next. After this, you can go in and you can actually name your person. So I’m going to call this person “suspect” and their date of birth.

If you have an SID number or FBI number, enter it. Under Association, indicate if this is your suspect or victim, or whoever the person may be, and then press next.

Now from here, you have lots of things you can do. Obviously, we see a lot of phones and computers, but you can add anything you want. These include tablets, motor vehicles, and jewelry. Anything that was stolen. All of these things can be entered here, so I’m going to say that I have a phone. It is password protected and the pin is 1155. If it’s a swipe, make sure you identify the numbers correctly so that the device can be unlocked in the lab.

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