Hi everyone, this is part two of creating a New Lab Submission within Guardian.

I left off previously talking about a phone with a passcode that you entered so it can be handled in the lab. Now we have to write a description, so I write iPhone, and for where it was recovered, I write suspect’s car.

Next is a mandatory item: Is it dangerous or not? Is there a biohazard such as bodily fluid, a broken screen, damaged body? Is it sharp, dangerous, or other? I’m going to say it’s not dangerous. In the requested services, I’m going to ask for digital forensics on this, but keep in mind you can load any data. So I could say I’m loading a phone or a piece of jewelry and I want fingerprints or DNA from it.

So I’m going to say digital forensics and then make a note, please extract full file system, and then I click on complete. Now, it’s telling us all the items are being added into a single case and asks if there are any more items to be submitted.

Guardian is a repository for your entire investigation. Not just phones or computers, but also vehicles, weapons, and DNA samples. All of this can be added here, so you can always select yes and add more items, or you can select no if this is a single item case.

Our goal is to provide a quick submission process, and a no-fuss way to send material to the lab where everything will be barcoded, a chain of custody assignments created and your investigation is ready to be worked.

Watch the full episode to learn more.

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