I want to walk you through the many different features on our Community Portal at Cellebrite. This is different to our Cellebrite site because there are features that do not exist on the site.

So, go to community.Cellebrite.com, via myCellebrite.com, select login, and enter your credentials. Once you are in, you can renew licenses, download new licenses, check your support tickets, and more.

And there are many more great new features to be found.

At the top right of the page, click on More and then Discussion, and in this forum, you can access your Training.

There is also another link straight to Notebook, which was the subject of a recent episode, but also specifically to your solutions.

You can join the Design Partner program where you’ll get access to beta versions of the solutions and have the opportunity to provide your feedback straight to the product team so that your concerns and questions are answered.

If you go into Physical Analyzer, you’ll be able to look at any discussions and see questions that have been answered directly by our product team to you, the customer.

And you can see all the interactions and all the views. It’s a great place to go to interact with us at Cellebrite, with others in the community and to stay on top of what is new on our platform.

Watch the full episode to learn more.

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