Hi everyone, this week I want to walk you through things you can do on our Community Portal at Cellebrite.

So, go to community.Cellebrite.com  and select login, and enter your credentials. Once you are in, there are so many things you can do, from checking, license statuses, renewals, opening customer support tickets, and more.

So I go to Home, and I want to look at the main screen. So a few things you can do, you can see Renew Your Product Licenses. If you select this, it’s going to show you which ones you have registered. If you need to download a license, you enter your serial number and enter whatever you need. If you have a support ticket, you can enter them here.

So, in Renew Your Products, it’s going to tell you which ones you have registered and if you need to renew, cancel, or download a license, it will require you to enter a serial number. If you do not enter the serial number, you won’t be able to download your license.

For your support tickets, when you select managed support tickets, you can go in and you can filter. You can create a brand-new ticket and say…

  • Is it something with tech support?
  • Do you need training support?
  • Are you possibly testing a beta for us and do you have feedback?
  • Is it something you need from CAS?

So all of these things are here to help you. We’re trying to simplify it, to put all the things in one area to make your life even easier.

Watch the full episode to learn more.

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