In this episode, I focus on the support area of our Cellebrite Community Portal. When you highlight Support with your cursor, you have a few options.

You can search our Knowledge Base for any types of manuals, keywords, or other information.

I am going to start by searching in Knowledge. And here you will see different categories, everything from Extract, Control Your Services, Community, to How To Do Things. All of these articles and references are here to assist you.

Let’s say you are curious about date/time issues, just search for date, and it’s going to show you everything from Extract with How To Update.

If it’s more of a decode and examine type of thing, maybe you’re worried about last update time and cellular usage DB, or you’re curious about why PA displays two different phone date times under iPhone info?

You can also click View All and it will show you all the things associated with that. If you want to go back, just go back to Support or use the back arrow on your browser and you can start a search.

If you’re still having an issue, chat with our experts at Cellebrite by clicking at the bottom right and directly communicate with them. This is there to assist you. They will help you solve your investigations faster.

Watch the full episode to learn more.

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