Hi everyone, in this week’s session I focus on Google Cloud Data Collection.

I have opened Physical Analyzer, and I select Cloud Extraction, Private Cloud Data. I then enter my information, my Examiner ID, where I want to save the Report Time Zone, Settings, and then select Next.

Google location history is extremely rich for Android device users. The amount of location artifacts that exist for Android devices in the cloud is exceptional. If you find you have an iPhone user, you may not have so much success with Google location history. However, Google my activity will have a vast amount of information.

I type my Username and my Password and select Next. When I select next, it’s going to ask me for two-factor authentication and validation. You have to make sure that you get the green valid check box in order to proceed. If you do not see a green valid check box, the Next button will not appear.

A tip for you: if you enter the two-factor authentication and it does not say valid, click on the pencil, and it can change it. You can then choose all kinds of things you want to search for: timeframe, specific texts, or specific artifacts.

There are maps, searches, and additional location artifacts that exist here that will be parsed in Physical Analyzer. I’m an iPhone user, but this would work for Android as well,

Watch the full episode to learn more.

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