In this Tip Tuesdays session, we will be looking again at UFED Smart Flow.

You can check out the resources we have on this, starting with a blog written by Paul Lorentz on Smart Flow. This is a feature built into UFED to take the guesswork out of the extraction acquisition for you.

With a single step, you connect your Android device and let the UFED do all the work for you. It will recommend different profiles and tell you how to get the best extraction for the device you are working on.

The blog explains all this, and there are also going to be videos showing how to use Smart Flow. Issues such as what happens if your device isn’t connected, or if you want to do additional extractions will be covered.

We also discussed Smart Flow on our I Beg to DFIR under Resources on the Cellebrite homepage, answering your questions and guiding you. Type what you’re looking for, such as UFED or Smart Flow. These are great places to find our new features and updates.

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Watch the full episode to learn more.

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