In this episode, we will be highlighting the additional features built into Physical Analyzer version 7.57.

This includes everything on your wish list from relating to applications that weren’t fully supported previously to finding my locations on iOS devices.

I go into Analyze Data and specifically to Facebook Messenger. We see the audio, the videos, and chat messages, but we’re now also including features such as call logs. We are also parsing data that used to be encrypted. Facebook encrypts accounts that were connected to a mobile device but not specifically logged in on it. Physical Analyzer is now going to provide you with access to that information.

Under contacts, you see calls made. We have Messenger chats, web searches, user account details, and so on.

We have also added Find My, so if you go to Find My location on iOS devices, you will see the user account and the locations where the user pinged their device to check their location. You can right-click if you’re online and do Retrieve Address and get that information as well.

We want users to know that even though Physical Analyzer Ultra has been released, Physical Analyzer 7 is still something that we are passionate about and adding features to.

Watch the full episode to learn more.

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