Cellebrite UFED has a category under settings and right past user permissions called SOPs. There are multiple different things you can do under SOP:

  • Agency Forms – you can add in agency forms such as consent forms that you need people to sign in order to perform data collection.

  • Default Paths for Additional Documents – You can add tips, blogs, or anything other resources that can assist your data collection efforts.

  • Guidance Mode – You have the option to choose between View and Edit. If you want to create and add guidance notes to help other examiners, choose the Edit option.

    Guidances are great to add specific instructions for different parts of the data collection process. It is possible to add images or add a required check box for users to select in order to prove they followed the guidance.

It is important to use and leverage all of these features under SOPs to help you along with your investigations.

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