In this episode, I want to talk about some new access features built into UFED.

I start by connecting a mobile device and I’m going to select Browse Devices Generic Profiles, which is the third tab from the left at the top.

There are many profiles from which to choose, such as Android, Kirin, EXOS, and MTK. We are going to offer live access, for example, Kirin Live and EXOS Live.

These are the methods that you can use to get full file system access to Android devices. Full file system access is one of the best levels of access that you can get for file-based encrypted Androids. It gives you access to the databases and everything else you need.

You can simply type in the model of the device, for example, type in Pixel 6 and we go to the Google Pixel 6, and you’ll see File System is listed here.

The goal is to get a full file system acquisition for use during our live acquisition method. So make sure you look for the new live features that are being released in UFED because, as always, we want to provide you with the best access to the data that matters in your investigations.

Watch the full episode to learn more.

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