Chat Capture, which is now built into Cellebrite UFED, captures snapshots of chat screens from a device.

From the main screen, you will see the option of “Chat Capture”. Make sure to read and update all the settings detailed on the screen before proceeding.

Once the settings are enabled and you continue, you will see a warning prompt that you are about to access a live conversation. As a result, UFED will temporarily change the screen settings in order to get the best screen capture.

After selecting through a list of applications, UFED will then go through and capture screenshots. It is possible to stop the capture at any point or let UFED continue taking snapshots that encompass the time frame specified.

At this point, the extraction can be successfully completed and you can now process it with Cellebrite Physical Analyzer, conduct keyword searches, examine screenshots, and dig for even more relevant evidence.

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