As a global leader in digital intelligence, Cellebrite is no stranger to virtual training. We’ve been offering online courses since 2003 and have trained more than 23,000 people in all facets of digital forensics.

Our expert instructors bring years of experience to their online classes (many have years of prior law enforcement experience), and they are totally comfortable in virtual settings that offer a unique opportunity for hands-on learning without having to physically gather in a classroom.

Cellebrite offers a wide variety of online courses through the Cellebrite Academy. Courses are delivered in several different formats (and 10 different languages) and are perfect for law enforcement personnel looking to master the latest in digital-intelligence technologies and techniques.

Two Ways To Learn

As Cellebrite Senior Vice President of Global Training Buddy Tidwell said in a recent interview, “No two people learn the same way.” This is why Cellebrite Academy offers different delivery methods, allowing you to decide what is best for your learning needs.

Live, instructor-led online classes offer a totally interactive experience and are as close as you can get to actually being in a classroom. During live classes, students can interact with their instructors and peers in real-time via a virtual-classroom setting.

This experience is delivered right to your computer via Cellebrite’s online learning portal. As Tidwell pointed out, “During these times, when minimizing travel and contact with others is important, live online courses are a great option to continue progressing in your career.”

All you need is a primary computer and a second monitor. When you log in, one monitor provides the live instruction from a Cellebrite expert. The other monitor allows you to actually work on data extraction or analysis in real time.

In the virtual classroom, the instructor has a monitor assigned to each student so they can see exactly what you’re doing as you work on a real data extraction case. All software and licensing is provided, so all you need to do is join the class and start learning.

As Tidwell explained, “Live online classes are limited to 16 students per class to ensure an interactive and personal experience.” This is why these classes work well for both individuals and groups.

For those who prefer to learn on their own, on-demand training classes allow you to learn at your own pace and convenience. They’re affordable and easy to access from your home computer. There is no set class time, so you can do a little classwork today then pick it up again the next day … or next week.

Many classes are bundled, so you can work toward a certification. Best of all, Cellebrite Academy instructors are stationed around the world, so it’s easy to find classes that align with your time zone, no matter where your home is located.

Faced with having to instruct students during the COVID-19 outbreak, many institutions are scrambling to instruct teachers on how to conduct online classes. At Cellebrite, Academy instructors been conducting classes online for years, so you can rest assured they really know what they’re doing.

A Class for Every Learning Level

Even if you’ve never taken an online class before, Cellebrite makes it easy. In fact, students wishing to sample online learning can take the “Cellebrite Reader” online class absolutely free. In this class, participants are provided hands-on time with the Cellebrite Reader software to learn how to analyze, sort, tag, and generate reports for their cases.

More advanced students will want to look at courses that lead to a mobile examiner certification, while truly advanced practitioners will enjoy classes like “Advanced Smartphone Analysis.”

And while we can’t predict that online training classes will go viral, we can assure you that any class you see on the Cellebrite site will be open for enrollment. And if you happen to sign up for a course at the moment the class fills, you will automatically be wait-listed for the next available class.

Enrollment is Easy

Getting a class to fit your schedule has never been easier.

A full list of courses being offered in your time zone will appear. If you have a group of five or more, you’ll receive 15% off on all registrants.

As Tidwell, who is a career police officer and digital forensic practitioner said, “Criminals are always looking to gain an advantage on an unsuspecting victim and capitalize on a situation like the one we are facing.

As a law enforcement officer and professional investigator, you can take advantage of this time to build your skill set. These virtual online courses allow you to meet mission. High-quality, Live-Online delivery or online On-Demand training will give you the edge you need to stay ahead in your digital investigations.”

So, start building your digital intelligence skills and check out one of our courses today.

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