For the past five years, Cellebrite Advanced Services (CAS) has been providing law enforcement agencies around the world with access to data locked behind the solid protection of security mechanisms.

In June 2015, CAS was the first in the world to provide unlocking and extraction services for iOS devices, long considered to be the holy grail of mobile security, allowing investigations to move forward despite these formidable technical challenges.

We have come a long way since then, and now our 10 labs around the world proudly support our customers through thousands of cases each year by gaining access to almost any Android or iOS device on the market thanks to unique breakthrough solutions developed by Cellebrite’s top-notch security research labs.

While we face challenging times during the current world health crisis, the global CAS team remains committed to continuing the world-class service you have come to expect from us in our partnership to create a safer world. We understand that in many parts of the world the digital forensics team in your lab may not be able to work at full capacity. As a result, backlogs are piling up and cases are taking longer to process.

This is why Cellebrite is introducing Case Assist. With this new offering, our customers are now able to send us UFED-supported devices to be processed by CAS. This service allows you to overcome two backlogs at once.

For data extraction, we will provide a physical or full-file-system extraction. For decoding, we will provide a full UFDR report for analysis. For some devices, it may be possible to provide a more complete physical or full-file-system extraction than you might be able to achieve normally with Cellebrite

Our team of certified forensics specialists around the world are equipped with the tools and experience to provide you with this solution to help relieve your backlogs. We only offer this service in bulk amounts, with a minimum of 10 devices per order.

We have always considered ourselves to be an extension of your lab. Case Assist reinforces our commitment to provide you with professional solutions to your digital intelligence needs to build a safer world.

Learn more about Cellebrite Case Assist here.

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