In this episode, I will focus on the investigative workflow within Cellebrite Guardian. You will see a short animated slide presentation showing how Guardian addresses all the pain points across the investigative workflow. 

Investigator steps to digital evidence submission:

  • Complete evidence submission
  • Submit evidence
  • Assign tasks
  • Track tasks

Lab Practioner steps to examining the data:

  • Receive evidence
  • Build chain-of-custody
  • Document processes and findings
  • Generate reports

Managing digital evidence:

  • Save and store evidence, data, and reports
  • Monitor status and usage
  • Maintain retention policies
  • Search for previously-stored evidence

Sharing digital evidence:

  • Share with the case owner
  • Share with collaborators
  • Share with Prosecutor/Defense Attorney

Reviewing digital evidence:

  • Access and review case-related evidence
  • Collaborate with stakeholders
  • Generate reports

Watch the full episode to learn more.

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