Special Guest: Ian Whiffin – Sr. Digital Intelligence Expert, R&D at Cellebrite

In this episode, we are joined by Ian Whiffin who will be talking about revisiting locations and making sense of iOS location data. He will discuss how to understand the confusing data, what information can be trusted, and what should be avoided. Location data can play a huge role in investigations, but only if we understand what it means and how accurate it can be.

Ian will be focusing on the following location types:

  • Frequent Location
  • Wireless Networks
  • Vehicle Events
  • Media
  • Apple Pay
  • Cell Towers
  • Apps
  • GeoFences

All of these location types use Location Services (GPS is the official title). Location Services are an iOS API that is used by all applications that require the data location. If developers are creating an app that requires location data, instead of programming everything from scratch, they can just request Location Services.

Location Services itself is made from a combination of technologies including cell tower location, wireless networks, satellites, and Bluetooth beacons.

Listen to the full episode to learn more about location data, where it comes from, how accurate it is, and what exactly it means in order to better understand iOS location data.

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