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Cellebrite Investigation Solutions

Build Stronger Cases
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Investigators Need Leads Fast

Don’t get left in the dark. The first 48 hours can be the difference between solving a case or having the trail go cold. Easily navigate and search for data inside complex datasets. Bring together conversations, call logs, texts, locations, video and more to find connections and reveal the whole story.

  • Get the Evidence You Need, When You Need It

    Find the relevant evidence to act sooner and break open even your toughest cases before they go cold. Access a wide range of evidence sources, including encrypted or locked mobile devices, public and private social media and other cloud data. Access data at the scene to work the case quickly and follow the trail.

  • Reveal Critical Insights Sooner

    Analyze evidence quickly and see how it fits into the overall case more clearly. View connections across various sources and huge volumes of digital data in a singular view, including text, images and geolocations. Fill in the missing pieces of the case and spark new investigative paths.

  • Deliver Defensible Digital Evidence

    Build strong cases from the start when you secure forensically sound and accurate evidence every step of the way. We ensure the chain of custody is preserved, and help you share findings with the entire case team, including prosecutors.


  • CMFF
    CMFF Cellebrite Mobile Forensic Fundamentals
  • CCO
    CCO The Cellebrite Certified Operator
  • CSNI
    CSNI Cellebrite Social Network Investigations
  • CRO
    CRO Cellebrite Responder Operator
  • CCDE
    CCDE Cellebrite Cloud Data Examiner
  • CCPA
    CCPA Cellebrite Certified Physical Analyst

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