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Defense & Intelligence Solutions

Get the Intel You Need, When You Need It

defense intelligence

Enabling the Mission in the Field and at Home

Military and Intelligence agencies require rapid access to digital data including Sensitive Site Exploitation (SSE), Counter Intelligence, Human Intelligence, and Anti-Narcotics Operations to accelerate investigations.

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Cellebrite’s digital intelligence solutions provide flexible form factors and quick data collection capabilities to enable rapid exploitation of intelligence, along with lightweight decoding and analysis capabilities for use in forward settings. These are complemented by robust analytical tools that are optimized for mobile and digital data collection for use in the rear or in intelligence centers.

And when internal military justice investigations arise, Cellebrite can provide military police, investigative units, and prosecutors with the industry’s most proven solution required to find defensible digital evidence quickly.

Helping Defense & Intelligence Operations on Multiple Fronts

Here are some examples of how Cellebrite’s solutions deliver a range of benefits for Military and Intelligence operations.

  • SSE operatives

    Agents can leverage lightweight form factors to quickly rip phones downrange and use that intelligence to make quick decisions about where to move and who to target.

  • Counter-intelligence agents

    Handlers can compare data in the field against a watch-list while sending the full data set back to an intelligence center for contextual analysis to uncover patterns and deeper insights.

  • Counter-narcotics agents

    Investigators can rapidly compare a person’s digital footprint (collected from their phone at a border or checkpoint) against a database to identify potential threats.

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