Hi everyone, in this week’s Tip Tuesdays session I want to show you the new tips and tricks you’re going to see when you update Physical Analyzer.

Our marketing and product teams have put a lot of effort into this, and we hope it helps you. Everything from Tip Tuesdays to Fundamentals Matter, Ask the Expert, Getting Started and Advanced Topics are all listed here.

The category called Getting Started shows you seven items, and you can click on Show More. Under Advanced, you’ll see there are many more topics that you can select.

If you are looking for something of special interest, maybe how to use Media Classification, you press the Star and start looking at those specific topics. And the Physical Analyzer Quick Start Guide is useful for new people joining your lab who have not used it in the past.

You can watch a PA Quick Start guide where you’ll hear North America Solutions Engineer Matt Goeckel walk you through the ins and outs of getting started in Physical Analyzer. It’s also worth mentioning that the favorites you tag will be in your favorites tab. You can also keyword search: if there was something on Inspector, or let’s say parsing messages, you can always do a keyword search and it will take you to that item.

Watch the full episode to learn more.

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