Cellebrite Premium ES | UFED Endpoints with Premium Capabilities
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Premium, the New Standard

Today you can access and collect data, and resolve cases faster than ever.

Find out how you can empower every UFED endpoint with Premium capabilities, when and where needed.

Because yesterday’s methods are no match for today’s investigations.

Key Benefits

  • access-ti

    Gain Unprecedented Access

  • data-extraction-1

    Empower Your Existing UFED Fleet

  • pr

    Boost Your Productivity

  • checklist

    Maintain Chain of Custody

  • network-connectivity

    Scale Up with an Agency-wide Solution

  • agency-management

    Centralize User and Fleet Management

How it Works

Reduce time to evidence, boost agency productivity, maintain the chain of evidence, and manage your entire UFED Fleet with Premium ES.

Watch the video to see how it works.

Start solving cases faster

Find out how Cellebrite Digital Intelligence solutions can help your investigations.