Cellebrite Premium | Access iOS and Android Devices
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Unprecedented Lawful Access to iOS and High-End Android Devices

Tackle your locked and encrypted devices to lawfully obtain critical mobile evidence.

An Agency-Wide Solution to Lawfully Access iOS & Android Devices

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iOS Device Support

  • Gain access to the widest range of iOS devices
  • Gain After First Unlock (AFU) access to locked iOS devices
  • Access and decode third-party app data, chat conversations, email attachments, deleted content, and more


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Android Device Support

  • Support the widest range of Android devices from leading vendors such as Samsung, Huawei, LG, Motorola, Nokia, OPPO, Xiaomi and many others*
  • Gain After First Unlock (AFU) access to locked Android devices protected with the latest encryption and software updates
  • Gain access to 3rd party app data, chat conversations, downloaded emails and email attachments, deleted content, and more
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Retrieve Maximum Data With Industry-Leading Capabilities

Increase your chances of finding incriminating evidence with the most trusted solution in the industry that provides lawful access to inaccessible data within all iOS and high-end Android devices.

  • Overcome device locks and encryption
  • Perform a forensically sound physical or full file-system extraction
  • Gain access to highly-protected areas like the Secure Folder and iOS Keychain, native OS databases, leading messaging and social media apps, emails, and deleted content
Cellebrite Premium

Support for the Widest Range of Devices

Our certified digital intelligence experts can also help you lawfully access damaged iOS and Android devices using advanced in-lab only techniques.

Keep Your Experts up to Date With the Latest Techniques to Maximize Your Premium Investment

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www.P65Warnings.ca.gov. These elements may be found in very small quantities in components such as: electronic boards, cables, connection pins, contacts. our default request and production is Lead-Free, but we can’t guarantee for every single component in the kit.