Faster performance and better visibility to device data with UFED InField 7.18

Version7.18  |  UFED InField  |  May 22, 2019

UFED InField 7.18 boasts a handful of new capabilities that will help you get to critical digital data faster:

Faster extractions on select Android devices

With the updated UFED extraction protocols in UFED InField 7.18, benefit from faster time to evidence on a broad range of Android devices. Feedback from beta customers confirms that their daily through-put has more than doubled in comparison to before.  

Scott Lorenz, Centex Technologies, expressed his satisfaction “With the latest version, dump times were super-fast.  I tried extraction on 5 different models, it was even faster when using Smart ADB, EDL Decrypting, and Samsung Bootloader. Very impressive.”  


Selective Extraction of cloud tokens

Retrieve valuable data from cloud sources with the new Selective Extraction of cloud tokens functionality. Upon extraction and decoding, take the account package from UFED Physical Analyzer and upload it into UFED Cloud Analyzer to take advantage of this industry-first capability. 

Know your device with additional device properties data

UFED InField 7.18 also now enables greater visibility into what data is on a device. We have enhanced the device properties screen to display storage volume, data types, volume of storage per data type, as well as the number of accounts on the device.


Enhanced workflow in the APK downgrade

Users can now manually intervene during the APK downgrade process to overcome installation issues where the device is not compatible. The system triggers user intervention through a guided wizard.


New save and report capability

Save extraction and generate a report in 1-click. Configure the product settings to save extraction and generate a report immediately bypassing the viewer.