Move your investigations forward with data from iCloud and Samsung backups

Version7.8  |  UFED Cloud Analyzer  |  May 14, 2019

Access to iCloud Backup on the latest iOS version

Apple’s iCloud service is built into every Apple device and has an estimated 850 million users to-date. The service works automatically and gives every user 5GB of free storage to start and easily store their documents, media files, and more. As more and more people rely on iCloud backup to manage their Apple devices if lost or stolen, years worth of information can be restored from the backup service.

With another industry first by Cellebrite, you can now gain access to iCloud Backup on the latest iOS version, pending user credentials are at hand. With access to backup, you not only benefit from a substantial image of the device but also access to all backups associated with the user account; older iPhones, iPads and more. This provides a wealth of data to review without the need to purchase additional extraction software or advanced services.

Access to Samsung Backup

As Samsung continues to dominate the smartphone market worldwide, many users take advantage of the service to back up their content and easily restore files and sync data on other devices.  With this version, gain access to events and tasks saved on the phone, contacts, call and message history, installed apps and app settings, audio files, documents and WiFi passwords.

Additional enhancements:

  • Due to popular customer demand, we have added support for iCloud 2FA
  • WhatsApp backup in iCloud with 2FA
    This is true for iCloud data, iTunes purchases, iCloud drive and iCloud location