Now Available: Cellebrite Digital Collector 3.4

Version3.4  |  Cellebrite Digital Collector  |  July 6, 2022

Digital Collector 3.4 includes many new and enhanced capabilities designed to help you accelerate your investigative efforts.

  1. Keyboard Navigation
  2. The View menu provides new options for navigating among all the views in Digital Collector. In addition, you can now use only a keyboard to navigate in Digital Collector. This is useful when a mouse is not available or not functioning. With normal keyboard navigation for your computer’s operating system, you can perform all operations necessary to create an image or collect files. These keystrokes are particularly useful to navigate in Digital Collector.
  3. Preview Improvements for M1 Mac Computers
  4. For M1 Mac computers booted from the Digital Collector SSD, improvements were made to file previews. File previews are now available for additional popular file types, including .rtf, .html, and MS Office files.

To get additional information about the new capabilities and features, read the Release Notes document available to you on the MyCellebrite Portal.