Now Available: Cellebrite Endpoint Inspector 1.2

Version1.2  |  Cellebrite Endpoint Inspector  |  September 30, 2021

Cellebrite Endpoint Inspector 1.2 has many new and enhanced capabilities designed to help you accelerate your investigative efforts, including:

  • Collect Data from iOS Devices: Take your investigations to the next level with new remote mobile collection capabilities. With the cooperation of the custodian of an iOS device, an examiner can now collect data from that mobile device. In the Endpoint server, an examiner can create and manage targeted collections from mobile devices.  

  • Agent Groups: Streamline your data collection process through creation and management of agent groups. In the Endpoint server, administrators can now create and manage groups of computer agents and assign permission to access groups of agents to examiners. This makes it simple to manage large populations of computers.

  • Improved Remote Collection: It’s now easier than ever to find and collect data in Endpoint Inspector. There are now two tabs on the case window, local and remote, to find and collect data from the remote computer associated with that agent.

To get additional information about what has been updated in the latest version, please read the release notes document available to you on the MyCellebrite Portal.