Now Available: Cellebrite Endpoint Inspector 1.3

Version1.3  |  Cellebrite Endpoint Inspector  |  March 16, 2022

Cellebrite Endpoint Inspector 1.3 updates include:

1.   Collect Data from Android Mobile Devices

With data collection from Android, investigators now have an even more robust look into investigations.

On the Mobile Collections page in the Endpoint Inspector web interface, examiners can now create and manage collections for Android mobile devices. The same mobile agent supports collecting from both iOS and Android. When you create a mobile collection job, you can select Android as the platform and then select data types to collect. The examiner sends the activation token and URL for downloading the mobile agent to the person with custody of the Android device.

2.   Support for Amazon S3 Buckets

There are now three destination types for both computer and remote mobile collection jobs. In addition to Network Share and SFTP paths, you can set up an Amazon S3 bucket as a destination. This includes GovCloud.

3.   Support for Multiple Storage Destinations

On the Settings page, you can now create and manage multiple storage repositories. These repositories can serve as destinations for both computer and remote mobile collection jobs.

4.   Schedule Collections from Remote Computers

Scheduling remote collections for off-hours will save custodians and organizations valuable working time.

On the new Computer Collections page in the Endpoint Inspector web interface, examiners can create, monitor, and manage computer collection jobs. The examiner provides a name for the computer collection job and then sets filters for the data to be collected. They can also provide notes for the collection job. The examiner must select a storage repository where the data collection will be sent and then select agents or groups to collect from.

5.   Collect Volatile Artifacts from Remote Computers

To improve support for incident response, you can now choose to collect artifacts from running remote computers.

To get additional information about the new capabilities and features, read the Release Notes document available to you on the MyCellebrite Portal.