Now Available: Cellebrite Endpoint Inspector 1.5.1

Version1.5.1  |  Cellebrite Endpoint Inspector  |  December 13, 2022

Improved Experience for Licensing 

The process for activating and upgrading licenses has been streamlined and simplified.  

As before, you receive a code that you use when you initially activate your server for Endpoint Inspector. 

On the License tab of the Settings page, you now only need to click Add Activation Code and then paste the code you received. 

This single code defines all the capabilities your organization has chosen: 

      • Maximum number of agents for computer collections
      • Maximum number of concurrent examiners who can use Inspector
      • Whether collection from workplace applications is enabled
      • The expiration date for this server for Endpoint Inspector
      • Whether mobile collections are enabled, the maximum number of devices that can be collected from, and the expiration date for the mobile license

Any changes to licensing for your organization are managed the same way to easily extend the expiration dates, renew or change enabled capabilities, and adjust the quantities associated with each of these.  

Visit the MyCellebrite Portal for a user guide, quick start guide, and more information.