Now Available: Cellebrite Inspector 10.5

Version10.5  |  Cellebrite Inspector  |  March 16, 2022

Cellebrite Inspector 10.5 updates include:

  1. Enhancements to Registry views

Many customers have requested better visibility and navigation in the Registry sub-view of the System view. In response, we have made several enhancements.

  1. Classified Content and Reporting

In the Report view, you can now choose whether to include or exclude items based on their classification. This makes it faster and easier to create reports that comply with legal standards and that meet the needs and expectations of different audiences.

  1. Support for More Artifacts

To reveal the full picture of an investigation, it is essential that investigators quickly analyze new artifacts for a smart, comprehensive analysis on Windows and Mac. You may see these artifacts in the Insights sub-view of the Actionable Intel view. 

  1. Enhancements to Snapshots and Volume Shadow Copies

Performance improvements and enhancements to the user interface were made to Snapshot and Volume Shadow Copies.

Filter queries of both Snapshots and Volume Shadow Copies (VSC) perform much faster than previously. Greater speed improvements are most apparent on less powerful computers.

To get additional information about the new capabilities and features, read the Release Notes document available to you on the MyCellebrite Portal.