Now Available: Cellebrite Inspector 10.7

Version10.7  |  Cellebrite Inspector  |  December 13, 2022

Improved Insights in Actionable Intel 

The Insights sub-view has been modernized and made more useful. Data from the evidence sources selected in the Component list is summarized in cards using appropriate charts and lists. You may need to scroll down or to the right to see all the cards. 

When more information might be available from selected evidence sources, a yellow triangle appears on a card. If you click that triangle, recommended processors are listed. 

When you click Information for a card, the Details tab appears with the appropriate item selected. 

When text exceeds the available space, you can hover your mouse pointer over it to see the entire text. 

Improved USB Connections Windows Processor 

You can find the USB Connections Windows processor in the Actionable Intel category on the Select Processors window. This processor now parses information that Windows tracks for interactions with removable devices. This information is stored in the registry, event logs, and file access artifacts such as *.lnk files and *.jmp lists. 

To see the resulting data, labeled Windows Device Connections, click Actionable Intel > Details > Connections

The top pane lists all the devices that had been connected to the evidence source. When you select a device, the related events appear in the lower pane. 

Examine Snapshot Files from Mac Computers 

In the Browser view, the Snapshot icon for a file in Inspector indicates that multiple versions are available. In the File Filter view, there is a new filter labeled Document Revisions. Select a file resulting from this filter and then click Action > File History. The Document Revisions for <filename> window appears. This window lists versions of that file and provides the File Content View tabs so that you can examine a selected version more closely and tag any appropriate versions. 

Tag Count Filter 

You can now filter views by Tag Count. In views listing many thousands of items, this filter makes it easier to focus on items that have or have not been tagged, or that are included in a range or quantity of tags. You cannot specify tags using the Tag Count filter.

To get additional information about the new capabilities and features, read the Release Notes document available to you on the MyCellebrite Portal.