Now Available Cellebrite Physical Analyzer and Cellebrite UFED Cloud 7.39

Version7.39  |  Cellebrite Physical Analyzer, Cellebrite Logical Analyzer, Cellebrite UFED Cloud  |  October 27, 2020

Cellebrite Physical Analyzer

Dramatically reduce the amount of time needed to review images with the new Image Classification engine in Cellebrite Physical Analyzer 7.39.  The new Image Classification capability can flag suspicious images and find photos of a person or an object of interest with just a push of a button.

Using machine learning, the Image Classification capability, automatically detects and categorizes images in multiple categories: Cars, Credit cards, Documents, Drugs, Face, Photo ID, Flags, Handwriting, Maps, Money, Nudity, Tattoos, Weapons, and Suspected CSA (Child Sexual Abuse).

Learn more about Image Classification in this blog. 

The decoding of WhatsApp messages recovered fromChatSearchV5f database is now supported. This is a new source for WhatsApp messages for indexing messages data for quick search. 


Cellebrite UFED Cloud

Extract and preserve public domain, forensically sound data in one workflow with Cellebrite UFED Cloud 7.39. With an active Cellebrite UFED Cloud license, you can enrich your extracted data sources and quickly reveal evidence hiding in plain sight on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. 

Also in this release, regain the ability to retrieve iCloud backups even with the latest iOS version. This key enhancement will enable examiners and investigators to review data on an iPhone without having access to the device itself. This data includes contacts, call logs, chat conversations, and more.