Now available: Cellebrite Physical Analyzer and Cellebrite UFED Cloud v7.46

Version7.46  |  UFED Physical Analyzer, Cellebrite UFED Cloud  |  June 24, 2021

Cellebrite Physical Analyzer and Cellebrite UFED Cloud v7.46 introduces updates that boost examination capabilities, helping make data review faster and more efficient.

Highlights include:

Reply indication on instant messages

View replies to instant messages and jump from the reply to the original message with this latest update. A new “Reply” indication is displayed for instant messages in Cellebrite Physical Analyzer and generated reports.(This feature is available for Android WhatsApp and KakaoTalk applications)


Support for Android Facebook Messenger Vanish mode

Decode and review secret messages from Facebook Messenger Android including self-destructing messages (Vanish Mode).


Support for Discord iOS app

Cellebrite Physical Analyzer now supports Discord app across Android, iOS and Cloud! Parse and review data from the Discord iOS application, and decode cache data including direct and channel messages, user account, and contacts.


For additional information on these updates, please review the Release Notes.