Cellebrite Pathfinder 8.1 provides better visualization of more data to surface leads

Version8.1  |  Cellebrite Pathfinder  |  September 9, 2019

Trying to correlate multiple data sources can take days or even weeks to review. By bringing all the data into Cellebrite Pathfinder 8.1, you can surface leads faster. In this version you can now ingest data from:

  • CDR (Call Detail Records)
  • Cloud extractions (UFDR2)
  • Digital media files such as images and text files
  • KML files to import geolocation data from Google maps, esri, and more
  • Split UFDRs
  • MSAB XRY extended reports v7.12

You can also benefit from significant visualization enhancements to the Map View. So whether you are trying to prove that a suspect was in the vicinity of the crime, or you need to show that his pattern was altered, the new visualization enhancements will allow you to quickly determine where to focus your investigation.
The following enhancements have been made to the Map View:

  • Show cell tower locations
  • Playback a subject’s journey
  • Intuitively review the events displayed on the map and focus on the details of a selected event

    By providing investigators with essential CDR Analysis capabilities within a single solution, accelerates time to evidence by removing the dependency on sometimes limited CDR specialized resources

 Additional version enhancements include:

  • Connect related events to each other and present them in the right context
  • Improve the representation of people by manually manipulating digital identities with the new split and merge persons capability
  • Adjust time zone configuration for cases in the system

    For more reasons to upgrade to Pathfinder 8.1 to accelerate time-to-evidence, read the full release notes.