Review Data Faster and More Efficiently With Cellebrite Physical Analyzer 7.43

Version7.43  |  Cellebrite Physical Analyzer  |  March 3, 2021

This version of Cellebrite Physical Analyzer introduces significant updates that help to make data review faster and more efficient. These updates also provide the flexibility needed to access specified data that is in line with data privacy regulations.

Selective Decoding in Cellebrite Physical Analyzer 7.43

The Selective Decoding capability complies with warrants that limit access to mobile device data, by allowing examiners to only decode content of an application that is in question. This not only speeds up time to review, but ensures that data-privacy regulations are maintained.

Collect WhatsApp data using a QR Code scan

With new version of Cellebrite UFED Cloud you can now use WhatsApp QR code scan to collect WhatsApp data on Web.

This new capability is now available also for Cellebrite Physical Analyzer users in the “Cloud” menu.

For more information on these features and the other updates, download the full release notes.