Supporting new file system extraction methods and devices

Version7.15  |  UFED Ultimate, UFED InField, UFED Physical Analyzer, UFED Logical Analyzer & Cellebrite Reader  |  February 13, 2019

Industry First Samsung Exynos Physical Bypass Solution

As Cellebrite continues to pioneer the world of logical extraction forensics for mobile devices, we are the first to provide a generic solution to access Samsung devices with the Exynos processor. This decrypting bootloader capability enables unlock, full file system, and physical extraction forensics from a vast range of Samsung devices popular around the world.

With the support for Samsung Qualcomm devices, Cellebrite is the only vendor to provide a holistic solution to unlock and extract data from Samsung devices. Supported devices include: SM-G930F Galaxy S7, SM-G935F Galaxy S7 Edge, SM-A520F Galaxy A5 2017 and SM-J730F Galaxy J7 Pro

Get to evidence faster with Selective File System Extraction

When time is of the essence and decisions need to be made quickly, examiners can use the new Selective File System Extraction capability to perform fast and focused logical forensic extractions. This capability allows them to pick and choose the applications they suspect contain relevant data or leads, and perform a Selective Extraction instead of waiting several hours for a full file system extraction.

With Selective Extraction, you can immediately surface the ‘Who, What, Where and When’ by opening the extraction and automatically decoding it in UFED Physical Analyzer.  Watch the video for a walkthrough of this time-saving capability:

Selective File System Extraction in Cellebrite UFED
Selective File System Extraction in Cellebrite UFED

Automatically bypass locked Android devices with LockPick

Following the initial release of the generic lock screen bypass method in UFED 7.12, we have expanded support for additional Android devices from vendors including Samsung, LG, Motorola, Sony and Xiaomi.

This unique capability has already impacted numerous cases:

“With Cellebrite’s new LockPick we unlocked a Samsung SM-J727VPP that holds critical evidence that was inaccessible. This is just awesome!” Charlie Longson, Osceola Sheriff’s Office, Kissimmee, Florida, USA.

“Just unlocked a Motorola XT1767 from a homicide that we have been trying to get into for quite a while. Great work to Cellebrite! You make our jobs much easier!”  Detective James Howe, Digital Forensics Unit, Columbus, Ohio, USA.

Advanced Logical Extraction with UFED for iOS and Android devices

The new Advanced Logical extraction method in UFED combines both the logical and file system extractions into a single logical extraction forensics method for iOS and Android devices. This new option helps users overcome the pain of long and convoluted file system extractions, saving time and effort while maintaining forensically sound data.

Extended drone forensics support
As mentioned in our recent blog about drones, criminals continue to take advantage of this popular technology to commit crimes including spying, smuggling, and even delivery of drugs and weapons due to the perceived anonymity of its operator.*

UFED 7.15, provides support for the latest DJI Spark drone, and we have extended the support for the latest firmware for the following drones: DJI Phantom 3, Phantom 4, Inspire 2, and Mavic Pro. 

Conversation View in Reports
Due to popular demand, conversations are presented as chat bubbles in reports. In the new versions of UFED Physical Analyzer and Cellebrite Reader, this conversation view is supported in PDF and HTML report formats (including export) so, that you can now present the data in the most common and simple way.

New enhancements in Premium Languages translation from SDL Examiners can now manually select the source language and define the target language for more accurate translations using the SDL premium translation package. Contact your local sales rep for more information.

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