Translate textual content in more than 40 languages with Cellebrite Smart Translator

Version7.24  |  UFED Ultimate, UFED InField, UFED Logical Analyzer and Cellebrite Reader   |  October 7, 2019

Serious and organized crimes often involve individuals working in groups or as part of transnational networks. With more than 5000 international crime groups operating globally*, and with encrypted communication channels being used to arrange and even carry out criminal activities, the chance of coming across foreign textual content during an investigation is increasingly common.

In this version of UFED Ultimate 7.24, we are pleased to introduce
Cellebrite Smart Translator. This is a convenient solution for examining textual content in over 40 languages, translated into your native language, using state-of-the-art neural machine translation.  

Cellebrite Smart Translator is a chargeable, add-on module to your
UFED Physical Analyzer solution, helping expedite time-to-evidence by eliminating your dependence on external translators. This embedded solution does not require internet access and is tightly integrated into your examination workflow.

New Support for iOS 13

Now users of UFED and UFED Physical Analyzer can perform data extraction from Apple devices running iOS versions up to 13.1.2.


To learn more, read the full release notes.