Collect Social Media and E-Commerce User Data to Identify Location, Behavior, and Associates of Suspects 

Version7.5  |  UFED Cloud Analyzer  |  November 28, 2018

UFED Cloud Analyzer 7.5 features include:

Apple iCloud Backup Support
UFED Cloud Analyzer 7.5 introduces improvements in data retrieval from iCloud backup to support all versions up to iOS 11.1 with two-factor authentication, and from 11.2 – 12 without two-factor authentication.

New Facebook capabilities to access activity logs, search histories, user groups, pages, and IP addresses
With the 24/7 sharing culture comes the inevitable inclusion of criminal behavior on Facebook. Everything from selfies to text messages is adding layers of potential digital evidence ready to be leveraged for today’s investigations.

Learn more about a suspect through their Amazon searches, purchase history, and delivery addresses
E-commerce giant, Amazon, edges closer to owning 50% of the US digital shopping market, and with this comes the big data goldmine that stores real-time customer information. For the first time, you can leverage this data to build a suspect’s activity profile.