Enrich the Project VIC/CAID database, and your case, with new evidence

Version7.11  |  UFED Physical Analyzer, UFED Logical Analyzer, Cellebrite Reader  |  November 7, 2018

While criminals continue to take advantage of technology to commit crimes, Cellebrite keeps you one step ahead; delivering powerful digital forensics capabilities that can help you make a safer world.

In this release of UFED Physical Analyzer, users can follow the digital footprint of a suspect or victim continuing to build on the convergence of the physical with the virtual data worlds for faster discovery of evidence.

Contribute to the law enforcement community by sharing manually tagged suspicious media files onto Project VIC/CAID
Enrich Project VIC/CAID with new suspicious media files for the entire community to use by exporting the hashes to the database.

Uncover more ‘Significant Locations’ data from Apple devices
Take advantage of Cellebrite’s Advanced Services (CAS) to help decode recurring location information (Significant Locations) gathered by Apple devices, to see the digital footprint of a suspect/victim.